State law prohibits dogs from roaming on someone else’s private property or on any portion of public highway when not attended by an owner and 100% under the owner’s control. Wilton requires dogs be on a leash in Wilton Center, including Schenck’s Island, Merwin Meadows and surrounding paths, all public sidewalks and roadways, the town hall complex, the Gilbert & Bennett School properties, all properties owned or operated by the Board of Education, and all playing fields operated and/or maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department. Dogs also may not run free at any public event or gathering of any kind, anywhere in the town. Violation of the leash law can result in a $50 fine.

If a loose dog is on your property, chasing your children or pets, or being a nuisance in any other way, you should call the animal control officer at 203-563-0150.