Wilton has a demolition delay ordinance that requires any person wishing to demolish a building larger than 500 square feet and over 50 years old to apply for a demolition permit from the building department. The applicant must post a notice of “intent to demolish” sign for 15 days and the building department will publish a legal notice. The building may be demolished at the end of the 15 days unless an objection has been filed with the department, which will result in a required 90-day delay. This gives an opportunity for anyone interested in salvaging the building or its contents to negotiate with the owner. This ordinance does not prevent demolition; it simply delays it, allowing a possible rescue. There have been several successful results.

The Planning and Zoning Commission’s adaptive use regulation allows business use in older homes in a residential zone and thus provides for additional protection of old houses. Examples of such places are found at Lambert Corners and the northern part of Route 7.