A definitive town history is Wilton Connecticut: Three Centuries of People, Places and Progress, by Robert H. Russell. It is available for purchase at the Wilton Historical Society or the Wilton Library.

The History Room in the Wilton Library has copies of Annals of Wilton: Wilton Village, A History, written by Wilton Bulletin founder G. Evans Hubbard. It carries the town’s history up to the late 18th Century. Mr. Hubbard died in the early 1950s and although his narrative was incomplete, Acorn Press published the book, which ends in mid-sentence.

Also out of print but available to read in the library’s History Room is David Herman Van Hoosear’s Annals of Wilton: Wilton Localities, published in 1940, which tells about the town’s many old neighborhoods.

In the 1950s, Stowell Rounds compiled a book on Wilton, called A Connecticut Town Names Its Roads, but it, too, is out of print. Copies are in the History Room.

Cannondale: A Connecticut Neighborhood, a Wilton Historical Society publication, tells the tale of this historic section of Wilton. Copies may be found in the library’s History Room and purchased at the Wilton Heritage Museum.

A book by Norman F. Boas is Nod Hill: Reminiscences, about the history of Nod Hill Road. It may be purchased at the Wilton Library.